“The tax investigation started in a routine way, and I thought that I could manage it myself alongside my current accountant. As time went on, and issues became more and more complex, I quickly realised we were both out of our depth, and that the Tax Man was getting more and more difficult to deal with.

I was referred to YTP, and from the very first meeting, it was clear that they not only understood the issues being investigated but also what HMRC was really fishing for. As soon as I appointed them they took over the investigation and seemed to get HMRC back on side. The release of stress for me was almost instant!

I have confidence that they are managing the process really carefully to ensure I get the best outcome possible. I am involved in all the key issues and advised on the options and their proposals so I understand the consequences of everything they do. I know for certain they are working for me, not for the tax man.

Whilst I know that their involvement will have a cost, I am both confident in the clarity and fairness of their fees, and certain they will save me more than they cost. I hope you are never in my situation, but if you are, call YTP.”