“My business had evolved by accident into a structure that I knew was not right. It was restricting my funding, excluding family members from being involved, and I was really frustrated by paying what always felt like too much tax. I sought advice from my accountant, and lawyer but never got a straight answer. The team at YTP understood what I wanted to achieve and the commercial and financial benefits that I was after. They then helped devise a clear plan of how that could be achieved and explained all the options, pros and cons and risks of their proposal.

They explained how some tax would apply to the changes they were advising, and how future tax savings would be achieved. Every option was discussed and explored in a language I understood.

Whilst I must say I was dubious about whether they could actually deliver on their promises, they have done exactly that. Not only is my business now in the best shape it has been in years, but the tax consequences have been carefully managed and we are already seeing significantly lower tax bills as a result.”